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Interview with Journey Therapist Linda Markley

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by Jenny Linton-Beresford.

Published in HeartWork Business January 2002 (single page to read off-line or print)

What do you do?

A. I facilitate a guided process called The Journey to release all kinds of life blocks. This approach was pioneered by Brandon Bays and described in her excellent book called ‘The Journey’.

What is a 'Journey'? In nuts and bolts terms - past, or even current, issues, can bind energy in our cells where they block and limit function, sometimes enough to lead to disease. The Journey uncovers the specific memories and emotions at the core of any issue and resolves them in a gentle way. Healing follows.

The real heart of the Journey for me, and the source of its power, is in the simple, repeatable steps leading directly to the experience of Source for oneself. This, to me is where the healing beyond 'cure' comes from, and the access to infinite wisdom. The steps involve fully experiencing emotions and allowing oneself to 'drop through' to a deeper experience. If we go deep enough, we experience Source.

"I love to ensure long held pain is fully released and to facilitate an opening into forgiveness."

   UP  Q. Is a spiritual belief necessary then?

A. It is not necessary to have a spiritual belief as a client or therapist. However, the therapist does need to have experienced the process of this deep connection to Source.

Q. Why do you do it?

A.For me the supreme service is to help others experience the true abundance of life. The Journey is the most effective resource I can provide. It’s a deep process that brings about a great deal of change at the cellular level. The results are profound and lasting. Yet, for many, the greatest blessing is realising the peace and unconditional love at their own Source.

I’ve also been told I have a gift for this work. Many people’s Journeys are not easy and I am delighted that my skills and abilities help those who come to me deal with whatever comes up and realize the tremendous benefits.

Additionally, Journey work challenges and develops me in unique and invaluable ways. It is essential for me to stay open, clear and in touch with Source. And facilitating Journeys deepens my own opening into love, peace and presence.

   UP  Q. What do you enjoy about it?

A. Facilitating an opening into the unconditional love at a person’s innermost core has to be top of the list. I often feel this as a shift in the room. The rest of The Journey then takes place in the shared presence of love and peace – what a place to work!

I also love to ensure long held pain is fully released and to facilitate an opening into forgiveness.

Q. What's your typical day like?

A. No two days and no two Journeys are the same. I’m privileged to have a lovely room of my home set aside for Journeys and meditation. I also do home visits for those whose health makes travelling difficult.

A Journey can take anything from 2 to 5 hours, depending on what comes up and how long it takes to fully resolve it. I like to be thorough and to give people all the time they need to get completely free of their issue.

   UP  Q. What does it cost?

A. Prices range depending on location. In London, you can expect to pay £150. The fee tends to be a set price regardless of how long the journey takes. I charge £140 per journey.

Q. Who is your typical client?

A. The Journey is of value to just about everyone. Those who are lucky enough to find and use it are of all ages and backgrounds. What they have in common is openness and a willingness to participate in their own healing. That healing is about equally spread between physical, emotional and life issues, sometimes including some of each. The Journeys I facilitate often deal with multiple issues or issues that have many facets.

I fully expected all my clients to be local. Many are, of course, but others travel considerable distance, even from other countries. It is important for many people to go to the right therapist for them. One client, who came from abroad specifically for a Journey with me, summed me up so well that I wrote it down ‘thorough, loving, supportive and quiet’.

Although I attract about three times as many women as men, even this percentage of men is relatively high as some other Journey Therapists have never had male clients!

   UP  Q. How did you get into it?

A. Having done decades of deep and effective healing and spiritual work, I wasn’t aware of specific blocks I needed to shift. What really appealed to me about The Journey was the possibility of connecting more deeply with Source. Tangible results didn't show up immediately for me - but I wanted to clear more blocks to being in that presence all the time. Opening more and more deeply to that is what led me again and again to The Journey.

I had no intention of making it my work. Yet when I heard about the first ever Journey therapist training I just knew I was to do it. Doubt soon swept in. I was already training as a coach, working full time and had family responsibilities. I was sure my other half would dissuade me but, to my amazement, he urged me to go ahead.

The training was well worth doing in its own right. Just as well, because afterwards, tired from a demanding job and unwilling to offer anyone a Journey unless I was at my best, I made almost no progress with my case studies. Also, although my heart longed for Journey work, I couldn’t see how to make room for it with a full time job. Anyway, I did what I could, including having Journeys to remove blocks to progress and, in a couple of months, grace stepped in and brought me the money I needed to reorganize my life around The Journey.

   UP  Q. Where do you get help and support from?

A. From Source, from my loving, inspirational and supportive husband, from close friends and others involved in The Journey.

Q. If money, time and resources were no object, what would you do differently, if anything?

I’d do more to spread the word further about The Journey – talk to more groups, give the book to health professionals and places such as hospices, hospital waiting rooms etc., publish more articles, invite journalists for a Journey… Since almost everyone could benefit from the Journey, wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone knew about it?

I’d also like and intend to run small workshops and an ongoing support and development group.

Q. What advice would you give to others interested in doing this work?

A. With the Journey itself to clear anything that’s blocking progress, the excellent training and the support of the Journey family, no advice from me seems necessary.



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