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The Journey (brandon bays) healing

Healing into abundant life with The Journey

Last weekend 400+ people attended a workshop in London to learn and experience a natural healing process. That process is 'The Journey'. Its popularity stems partly from the profound and lasting results, the physical, emotional and life issues that are fully resolved through it.

The other attraction lies in the simple, repeatable steps leading each person to discover for themselves the freedom and love at their innermost core. The steps involve fully experiencing emotions and allowing oneself to 'drop through' to a deeper experience. If we go deep enough, we fall into the fountain of peace that we recognise as our own essence or source. This is the context in which the deep healing, on all levels of our being, arises.

Another great strength of The Journey is that it uncovers the specific memories and emotions at the core of any issue. These have been stored in our cells and may have held us back for years. The Journey is a remarkable way to discover and fully resolve the root cause of an issue, releasing the actual cellular block. This is not an abstract, mental process, involving visualisation or deduction. It's rooted deep in the spirit, and it also reaches deep into our physiology (children sometimes describe the organ they visit in precise detail).

The deep processes of The Journey restore us to our natural way of being healthy and fully functioning with energy flowing freely in all areas.

The Journey is also a magnificent tool for creating abundance. In fact, the most significant shift for me came through an Abundance Journey. Abundance for me is doing what I love. After my Abundance Journey I had the privilege of being part of the first core group of professional Journey facilitators and have facilitated Journeys for others ever since.

Linda Markley, Alt-Therapist Newsletter, April 2002 



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